Life’s Images specializes in newborn art images.

Photographing newborns is perhaps the most challenging and most rewarding portrait work.  The miracle of new life never escapes me as I watch these little bundles of joy!
They are already works of art…

Your newborn photo session should be scheduled in the first few days of life – we can even schedule before your infant is born!  Around 2 weeks old is the ideal time to capture the new, wrinkly, beautifully bundled and folded baby.  If you wish for the umbilical cord to be gone first – usually at the end of 2 weeks is  a good time.

Sessions between 2 – 4 weeks are still considered newborn sessions and are just as precious. Your session will showcase more alertness, more fullness in the curves of a baby. They may or may not sleep or cooperate in folded positions.

If you’ve waited a bit longer and your newborn is more than 4 weeks old – I suggest you wait until 3 or 4 months when they can hold themselves up on their elbows or even better 6 months when they can sit  :)

Upon booking your session you will be given detailed information on what to expect and how we will achieve your beautiful newborn images!

View sample newborn images from the “GALLERIES” above.

Contact me to book your newborn session or ask questions!